Robben Island on Mandela Day

Hi all We started the week off with a very interesting visit to Robben Island. This was significant because today is Madibas birthday, and as our 67 minutes of community outreach work, we addressed 2 small schools on the island. We were part of the programme for the day, which included the school receiving [...]

The Final Stretch - Stellenbosch and Simons Town

Hi all We are nearly there! We walked from Stellenbosch to past Simonstown yesterday and ended up 12km before the gates of Cape Point Nature reserve. This place is really beautiful and it is a pleasure to walk here because they have pedestrian walkways! Many thanks to Kim Nicolay who took us to the Long [...]

On top of Du Toits Kloof Pass with Table Mountain in sight

Our spirits were soaring yesterday as we mounted the crest of the Du toits kloof pass and saw Table Mountain in the distance. We walked along the r 101 as we are no longer allowed to walk along the n1. This is because of the tunnel along the n1 in this area. The scenery is [...]


INVITATION - On behalf of Rights for Rhinos We cordially invite you to participate in Rights for Rhinos Day – 23rd July Endorsed by Game Rangers Association of Africa NPO registration No. 010-572 NPO / SARS Exemption Reference No. 18/11/14/195 ALL DONATIONS ARE TAX DEDUCTIBLE under SEC 18A NPO STATUS Participate by donating your [...]


Hi guys We ended up 30km away from Laingsburg yesterday. Today we will pass Laingsburg. People race through this extraordinary place at high speed without a thought. I was wondering about the species diversity in the Karoo just with regard to flora! It is really stunning. To allow Shell in here would be criminal. Anyway [...]

A Challenge to all Field Guides

Hi Guys, great walk so far and well done on spreading the word for the rhinos. Yesterday I deposited into the GRAA account for your project a R500 donation,that is one days salary from me as a freelance field guide working in the wildlife tourism industry. I CHALLENGE ALL OTHER FIELD GUIDES to do the same, we do our bit promoting [...]

Did you know that Rhinos use their horns to intimidate their opponents? Any activist that fights for Rhino’s rights and against Rhino poaching knows that Rhinos use their horns also for defense, to dig for food and even to guide baby Rhinos.

The horns of these wonderful creatures are actually made of keratin. Keratin is, according to this article, a family of proteins that we can also find in our hair, nails and skin. But this substance is also found in the claws, horns, hooves and nails of numerous mammals.

Since keratin is the key structural component of our hair, perhaps you may think that if we do not take enough protein from our nutrition, our hair will become weaker. This is true. Moreover, protein deficiency will lead to loss of hair because the body will enter into conservation mode and, besides your hair loss, your nails will also become brittle, more fragile and weak.

Hair loss is a problem that affects many people worldwide, but protein deficiency is not the number one cause that can make people lose their hair. In most cases of hair loss, the main culprit is a hormone called Dihydrotestosterone and the genetically transmitted sensitivity of follicles to Dihydrotestosterone.

Unlike humans, Rhinos and other mammals are not affected by protein deficiency, or, at least, not like people do. Rhinos do not lose their horns because of protein deficiency. They have a healthy nutrition and they are certainly not bombarded like us by junk food, snacks and other unhealthy eating practices that harm our health.

Because we do not take from food the nutrients that our bodies need, we have to supplement our nutrition and take pills and capsules with vitamins, minerals and other substances that help us maintain or restore our health. Provillus has been developed to stop hair loss and to encourage the regrowth of healthy hair in women and men affected at some point by hair loss.

The type of hair loss that affects most men is called male pattern baldness or androgenic alopecia. It is caused by DHT and when it occurs, men experience a progressive shedding of the hair follicles, which grow thinner, finer and shorter. Some follicles even stop growing hairs, the hairline recedes and temples and crown remain without hair.

On the other hand, women are affected by the type of alopecia called female pattern baldness. DHT causes this type of hair loss in women, but it does not manifest like in men, because women experience a general thinning of their hair from the entire scalp. However, they do not remain completely without hair.

These are the most common cases of hair loss that affect humans. Supplementing with Provillus will block the production of DHT, hence stopping the hair loss, while the ingredients contained will also stimulate the regrowth of healthy hair.

The reason why Rhinos lose their horns is not protein deficiency, but it is the cruelty and greed of people. The horns will grow back, but how can a Rhino survive without its horn?

Meeting like minded people - Marina of the Treasure Karoo Action Group

Hi Guys Sorry but we have been battling for a decent connection. We have walked a total of 1321.4 km since the 9th of May! 30 days of walking at an average of 44.04 km a day. We spent Saturday and Sunday doing absolutely nothing ( walking wise ). We spoke to a small group [...]

Finally the Western Cape

We have been walking down the N1 for 5 days non stop now and have covered 245 kms. WE CROSSED INTO THE WESTERN CAPE YESTERDAY! Tomorrow we are resting! Yeeeeeeehaaaa! We would like to thank Irene, Marita, Elbie, Robin, Tim, and many other folk for helping us achieve our dream!! The feet are pretty [...]

Northern Cape Update

Greetings all On Thursday, Paul and I went to the Physio in Colesburg, Marelise Wilson. You’ve gotta love the phsio, because they’ve got the ability to turn the biggest of boys into a screaming boys… she certainly sorted Paul and I out, pressure points and all… She suggested that we take a rest day to [...]

Rights for Rhinos Walk Marred by Petty Crime

We had a good day out on the road today. We brought our total mileage up to 952 km’s, but it hasn’t been achieved without pain or injuries, the injuries are starting to take their toll, my Achilles tendon has taken a beating and Paul’s right ankle is also giving him trouble. Our stay over [...]

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